Fun Gliders

Dawnsuite have sourced non-hand controlled electric gliders (Hoverboards) that can not only be used by Event Planners who want the smallest device possible to get around their trade show floor, but it can also be used by their family members.  Dawnsuite only stocks ten inch wheel units (smaller are available) and only Hoverboards meeting the new UL 2272 "Safety requirements for electrical systems of self-balancing scooters" are represented by Dawnsuite. 

UL Self-Balancing Scooter CertificateUL Self Balancing Scooter Holographic stick on label

Customers should be aware that, even though these manufacturers have met all the requirements of the UL electrical systems standard, these units have batteries that are over the shipment size limit for passenger aircraft, even as (and especially as) checked luggage (100WA is the legal limit).  As the batteries can not be removed by the owner, all Electric Gliders sold by Dawnsuite must only be AIR shipped via cargo planes in accordance with their "dangerous (for shipping) goods" designation due to their large batteries.  When being shipped by any means, even ground transportation, the batteries are to be depleted to a maximum of 30% of their full charge.  So take them for a good run around the lot before you pack them up.