Catchbox LITE and PRO MODULE Road Case - The Cub

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This is the same case Dawnsuite uses to ship it's rental inventory across North America and is manufactured by the same company that makes road cases for touring groups, AV companies, the military, government departments and extreme outdoor enthusiasts.

Dawnsuite worked with one of the leading providers of professional Road/carrying cases to design and integrate a case specifically for the Catchbox LITE and PRO MODULE wireless audience microphones - The Cub.  To provide a lighter and stronger case than previously available, the Cub is manufactured using a new plastic, yet it meets Military Specifications (Mil-Specs) for purchase by Armed Forces.  To ensure your Catchbox arrives in working order, The Cub is waterproof to 1m of depth and dust proof. All of these claims have been tested by the US government General Services Administration (GSA) and has been approved for purchases by US Government Departments. The Cub has an integral automatic pressure release value to ensure the contents do not get damaged due to over pressurization when travelling in aircraft.  The Cub has metal insert reinforced locking holes for use with Air Transport Association (ATA) approved locks if required.  The Cub is rated by the ATA for sustaining over 100 aircraft trips.

Dawnsuite then designed foam inserts to be user configurable.  The Cub can accommodate either:
-  a Catchbox PRO MODULE;
-  a Catchbox PRO MODULE and a limited sub-set of third party wireless belt packs, rechargeable battery and charger; or
-   the Catchbox LITE with it's matched transmitter and receiver, power supply and connector cable.

The case can also carry other accessories such as extra Dawnsuite slipcovers or items up to 18 cubic inches in size in four different configurable pockets made by adjusting the pre-cut foam pull-outs.

The case can also be printed with your logo in one or two colors on the top.

Weight (empty): 6.4 lbs | 2.9 kg
Temperature Range: Min -20°F (-29°C ) Max 140°F (60°C)
Material: lightweight NK-7 polypropylene
Max Buoyancy: 40 lbs | 18.1 kg
Watertight (Ip67): Yes
Warranty: Conditional Lifetime Guarantee
Certifications: ATA 300 | ASTM D4169 | Mil-std-810f | IP67 Rating

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