Custom Catchbox PRO MODULE

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1-2000+ Audience Size
Range up to 90m/300ft

 This model ships with a foam cube of any single color of your choice and one or two custom logos or graphic printed on two sides or the same logo printed on all four sides.

The Catchbox PRO throwable microphone allows AV professionals to place their existing wireless beltpack transmitters inside the throwable audience microphone Styrofoam cylinder and using an embedded lavalier (lapel) mic.  No need to buy new transmitters and receivers or change existing integrated systems, simply connect your existing belt pack transmitter to the Catchbox PRO lavaliere mic cable and strap it into the cylinder.

IMPORTANT: the Catchbox Pro requires a 3rd party belt pack transmitter to work as a wireless microphone.  This model does not ship with a wireless beltpack transmitter.

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