The 'Emu' Personal Transporter (PT)- AKA Segway i2 ST

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 The Emu is the second largest bird in the world.  The Emu Personal Transporter (PT) is the second largest two wheel Segway.  With larger wheels than any other PT except it's bigger brother Segway x2 SE, and larger than automobile tires, it is well suited for both indoors and outdoor surfaces.  It is ideal for high volume business and service use and has been recognized to reduce fatigue and improve efficiency in occupations where mobility is a big part of the job, such as postal workers and urban police forces.  With a maximum speed of 20 km/s, it is one of the fastest PTs, has the longest range at 38 kms, with an understandably longer charge time of between 9 to 10 hours to full charge.  The Segway minimum operating temperature is -10C, allowing it to be used in colder temperatures.  The Segways also have a security key for controlled operations in unfamiliar environments.

Suggested users / uses:  Event planners, event/sport/festival venues, warehouses, parks/attractions, business offices, tours, car rental lots

Feature The Emu
Controls Hand
Max. Speed 20 kph / 12.5 mph
Range (aprox.) 38kms / 24 mi.
Recharge time 8 - 10 hrs
Second battery? No
Tire Diameter 48 cm / 19 in.
Min. Rider weight 45 kg / 100 lbs
Max. payload capacity 117 kg / 260 lbs
Safety Certifications UL2272