RENTAL - Catchbox PRO/Shure QLX Audience Microphone System Bundle

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Rental per day.  This model ships with the Catchbox logo on two sides and no logo on the remaining two sides.

Price quoted is per day, portal to portal.  System is shipped from our distribution centre to arrive the day before your event starts so you can test it with your equipment.  Charges are from shipping day to day of receipt back at our distribution facility, inclusive. 

This bundle consists of the following components:

  1. A Catchbox PRO MODULE throwable audience microphone. It consists of:
    - a 7-inch foam cube (cover); and
    - a microphone housed in a white polystyrene protective cylinder.
  2. A Shure QLX-D1 wireless beltpack transmitter.  Catchbox has tested the Catchbox PRO with this beltpack transmitter and certified it as compatible with the Catchbox PRO. The beltpack transmitter allows the Catchbox PRO to operate up to 90M or 300 ft from the included wireless receiver.
  3. a Shure QLX-D4 wireless receiver.  The Shure QLX-D4 is the matched wireless receiver for the QLX-D1 wireless beltpack transmitter. The QLX-D4 wireless receiver has both XLR and TRS connectors for you to connect to either an audio mixer or directly to a powered loudspeaker (cable not supplied.)
  4. A protective shipping/road case.

Please call 1-877-898-4776 (10:30am NST to 8pm PST) to check stock availability for the dates you require and we can then book your system.

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